Madame, This Is Versailles
FACT: Scientists have proven that human minds are linked with each other through neuron activities. So if you’re thinking of someone all day long, that person is probably thinking of you too.

Actually, that isn’t true. What scientists have really proven is, when one person sees another person in a stressful or dangerous situation our neurons cause a release of endorphins that allow us to imagine the pain or stress we see that other individual in. They are called empathy neurons. There is not such thing as esp, or any brain waves,  even with neural activity, that link us in the way described in this post.

What is true is that our bodies release pheromones from our apocrin glands, and that scent attracts others from the opposite sex. When an attraction is mutual, then you are most likely both thinking about each other. Whether or not at the same time, that cannot be scientifically proven, so we can only hope.

Do your research before posting scientific facts.



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